Alternative Practices

So I’ve decided to learn from my long time friend Jason Burgess and take his class on “Alternative Practices” for the month of February. I can not tell you how excited I am to participate in the workshop. Not only will I learn from my fellow artist, but I will also be on a set schedule for production and creativity after work! I hope the discipline of workshop Tuesdays will drive me to creative heights and ideas.


jason burgessAlternative Practices Workshop

with Jason Burgess

When: Wednesdays in February! Feb 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th
Time: 6pm – 800pm
Cost: $60!

Supplies: Students will need digital camera with video capacity or video camera.

Alternative Practices will be an investigation and experiment with innovative techniques developed from the 1960’s to today. The classes will focus on four interconnected aspects of artistic production and how they can be used; mail art, book binding, public art, and video as performance. The mail art session will demonstrate concepts and techniques artists have employed to transform the concept of what mail is, and everyone will create and send their own mail art piece. Book binding will cover traditional binding methods, d.i.y. zine self distribution, and unorthodox book strategies. The public art session will demonstrate guerilla procedures such as wheat pasting, stenciling, alternative public sculpture, and other methods of creating and displaying art in the public space. Video as performance will be interwoven throughout the classes and culminate in a presentation and discussion of everyone’s performance pieces in the last class.

Every session will place importance on the background of these practices, discussing artists and ideas that have shaped the development and creation of progressive art with these avant-garde tactics. Students will be encouraged to use each technique in their own personal approach and to expand their ideas of how, why, and what to use when making art.

Born in 1984, Jason Burgess studied Art and Science at UAB and PUC Santiago. He has exhibited in Alabama, Georgia, and California.

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