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  • Alternative Practices: Mail Art “Your Data Must Be Analyzed”

    Alternative Practices: Mail Art “Your Data Must Be Analyzed”

    “Your Data Must Be Analyzed” is a Mail Art Series that I am sending out to my Alternative Practices class. It is an initial off-line survey that I am starting for another project. I’ve been calling this the “analog” version. (although there isn’t much analog about it) However, I am experimenting in the response Off-line…

  • Alternative Practices: Book Binding

    Alternative Practices: Book Binding

    In my alternative practices class last night we learned book binding techniques. I was able to make a small book out of French Paper (kraft) and a cover from vintage contact paper I found at the thrift store. The first is a Japanese Stab Binding and the second book is a dos-à-dos binding. The dos-a-dos…

  • Alternative Practices

    Alternative Practices

    So I’ve decided to learn from my long time friend Jason Burgess and take his class on “Alternative Practices” for the month of February. I can not tell you how excited I am to participate in the workshop. Not only will I learn from my fellow artist, but I will also be on a set…