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  • New Acquisition: “Days After” by Jason Burgess

    Whenever I get the chance, I love buying art. It feeds and nurtures the soul. And, not only does it benefit myself (I get to look at it every day!) – but buying art literally feeds the artist and their creative energy. Before mass production, owning art was a sign of wealth, culture, and education.┬áMy […]

  • Images from the “Statement of a Facade” Opening

    Here are some images from the Space One Eleven opening “Statement of a Facade” by the Birmingham Art Collective and “Pubic Places, Private Spaces” by Margot Wade. Photos by sara Cannon and Andrew Thomson

  • Alternative Practices

    So I’ve decided to learn from my long time friend Jason Burgess and take his class on “Alternative Practices” for the month of February. I can not tell you how excited I am to participate in the workshop. Not only will I learn from my fellow artist, but I will also be on a set […]