New Acquisition: “Days After” by Jason Burgess

Days After by Jason Burgess

Whenever I get the chance, I love buying art. It feeds and nurtures the soul. And, not only does it benefit myself (I get to look at it every day!) – but buying art literally feeds the artist and their creative energy. Before mass production, owning art was a sign of wealth, culture, and education. My advice, before you pick out that nice cheap Ikea print for your living room, look locally first. You might just find something even cooler that can potentially spark incredible conversations.

I recently acquired this piece from my good friend Jason Burgess.  It is titled “Days After.” It is a large scale drawing that I found to be absolutely lovely both in craftsmanship and the de-constructive nature of the subject matter. He did a series of these when he was living in LA and had their first showing at the Birmingham Art Collective‘s “Collective House” show.  I wish I could buy the whole series – they are spectacular. I’ve featured Jason’s work in this blog before here and here. AND in case you forgot, the last piece I bought was Moriah Osborn’s “the garden of cleansed perception” I blogged about here.

For good measure, here’s an iPhone pic of the piece above my couch to show scale and the incredible custom framing job Jason did for me.

Jason Burgess in my house– sara cannon

ps. the iPhone pic makes it look crooked but it really is not I swear. 🙂

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