Artwalk 2009: the Mission Building and “Icecream Funeral” (more photos)

Icecream Funeral - Sara Cannon

At Birmingham Artwalk 2009, The Birmingham Art Collective occupied David Carrigan’s old Jimmy Hale “Mission Building”. Because of the raw interior, I decided to install the sculpture that I had been thinking about for a while but never had a place to make it happen. Other artists that displayed in the building that night were: Moriah Ozbourn, Joanna Lynn H, and Jason Burgess.

For “Icecream Funeral” I built two reverse boats. Their sails were made of wood, and their hulls were made of sails. They floated along semi-disattached among strung along icecream cones. These cones were all around them like rain. and the boats were in a funeral procession.

At 8:00pm I climbed up a ladder and put neopolitan icecream in the cones.. and for the rest of the night they dripped a sweet rain all over the boats and ground. Slowly some of the cones fell off and others just melted. You could smell the sweet icecream and hear the drips and splatters of the sculpture melting away.

Sara Cannon

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