Fabric of Time by Sara Cannon – Friday the 18th Installation Art Show

everyone grows up.

everyone has memory.

everyone wears clothes.

– this interactive installation explores the fabric and communities combined with nostalgia, forward movement, associations, and memory.-

Fabric of Time by Sara Cannon

The fabric swatches pinned delicately to the wall are all cut out and taken from different clothes that I have worn throughout my life. Every piece of material invokes a specific memory, a feeling, or a time period. All of them are threaded to the center piece. The center piece resembles a wind chime, kite, and loom. Hanging in the center, there is a piece of a quilt which has sewn some of the fabric pieces together to create a unified piece, but still unfinished. When the center piece sways or is pushed, all the fabric pieces move and sway like a school of fish.. all bound to an unknown rhythm. The interaction is playful but elegant and quiet, looking back and looking forward.
– Sara Cannon

Fabric of Time by Sara Cannon
Fabric of Time by Sara CannonFabric of Time by Sara Cannon

Fabric of Time by Sara Cannon from sara cannon on Vimeo. music by the triceratops

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