Samford University Alumni Art Show: The Crane No.2

Materials: recycled newsprint, cotton string, wooden stakes, glue

The Crane No. 2

This crane is the second in a series of three origami cranes made from the leftover newsprint that comes off the Birmingham News. This crane is suspended by one continuous string threaded from the tree to wooden stakes in the ground. The string defines the air and the invisible force and energy that keep a bird in flight. It also continuously connects the living tree to the portrayed bird to the earthen ground and the unique connectivity that comes through nature. The crane is made from recycled newsprint and glue, the string is cotton, and the stakes wood… all the materials organic and biodegradable: the materials can seep back into the ground with the rest of nature.

The folding of a Japanese origami crane is a long practiced skill in the Japanese culture. The form that the bird takes has been known throughout generations and cultures. This ties humanity to the piece in an honest way that connects generations and tongues with the recognizable image and honest nature of the craft.

The folding of a crane is linked to prayer in Japan. When one folds a crane, it is done with a thought and prayer in mind. When this crane was folded, the thought and prayer was with humanity and it’s relation to the earth – To become more aware of our surroundings and return to the earth in the end just like this crane will as it decomposes – as well as calling for the awareness of man made things that do not breakdown and just fill up landfills. People might throw trash away, but..

There really is no away.

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