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  • Upcoming Summer Art Shows

    This summer I am excited to be participating in various art shows! Come visit me and see my work! Here’s the line up: July 26: Schaeffer Eye Center City Fest at Railroad Park Aug 7th: Birmingham Art Crawl at Carrigans Pub  2430 Morris Ave Bham, AL Aug 22: Montevallo Art Walk at Main Street Montevallo, AL Sept 5-6: Birmingham […]

  • Birmingham Art Crawl is on June 5th!

    I’m super excited to be participating in the inaugural Birmingham Art Crawl! The first of the monthly events is Thursday, June 5th. Come see me at Carrigans Public House, grab a drink or the delicious kale caesar salad, and browse my work! Crawl on to other fabulous locations downtown, then come back to Carrigans to […]

  • New Painting: Mountain Pattern Study

    A Mountain Pattern Study: Acrylic, graphite, charcoal, and ink on wood panel. I tried to challenge myself to go greyscale till the very end. 🙂

  • You can buy my art on Etsy!

    If you missed me at artwalk, you can get my prints on Etsy. I’ll be adding more to the list: postcards and originals as well. If you have any questions just contact me 🙂 thank you! sara new Etsy.Mini(6041867,’gallery’,3,5,0,’http://www.etsy.com’);

  • New Art: Memory Series

    For the showing of “Pulp” at Beta Pictoris Gallery, I made a series of pieces based off of memory. I will post more detailed shots/statement soon. These were just taken from my iPhone. If you’re interested in the pieces, they will be shown in Beta Pictoris Gallery until August 31st.

  • “The Nature of Analysis” Print in Urban Outfitters Print Shop

    My Digital piece “the Nature of Analysis” is being sold in Urban Outfiter’s Print shop.  I still can’t decide if this is really cool or if I’m a hipster sell out. Just Kidding! (or am I) Also, I’m selling extremely high quality larger ones on stretched canvas in my Etsy shop if that’s more your […]

  • New Painting: “Infinity Part One”

    Look for this one in Artwalk this weekend.

  • The Trojan Crane – the world needs it.

    The legend of the Trojan Horse is known by all… a gift of peace turned violent. In that spirit, I am embarking on a monumental project that I need your help with: The Trojan Crane. I am going to build a large-scale (10+feet) sculpture. It is going to be like the Trojan Horse… but an […]

  • Sketch of Secret Project I’m Working On

    Here is a peek at some preliminary ideas for a secret new project. Hope I haven’t given too much away! -sara cannon

  • New Work: Encaustic Painting “waiting for difference”

    heres a little painting I made using encaustic painting and collage. “waiting for difference”

  • De-Installing “The Fabric of Time” by Sara Cannon

    My installation, “The Fabric of Time”, was up at Space One Eleven for over a month. Here is a video of me cutting the strings of time. -Sara Cannon De-Installation of The Fabric of Time by Sara Cannon from Sara Cannon on Vimeo.

  • Images from the “Statement of a Facade” Opening

    Here are some images from the Space One Eleven opening “Statement of a Facade” by the Birmingham Art Collective and “Pubic Places, Private Spaces” by Margot Wade. Photos by sara Cannon and Andrew Thomson

  • Opening Night Photo

    I love this shot from the Public Opening Night. “Fabric of Time” By me (sara cannon) on the right and you can sort of see it on the left. Type on the left window. The umbrella makes it. sara

  • Alternative Practices: Mail Art “Your Data Must Be Analyzed”

    “Your Data Must Be Analyzed” is a Mail Art Series that I am sending out to my Alternative Practices class. It is an initial off-line survey that I am starting for another project. I’ve been calling this the “analog” version. (although there isn’t much analog about it) However, I am experimenting in the response Off-line […]