The Trojan Crane

The trojan Crane is a sculpture in progress

The Project

I am building a large-scale (15+feet) sculpture. It is going to be like the Trojan Horse… but an origami crane – an even more peaceful symbol than a horse. The crane structure is made out of wood and the flat planes are fabric.

For the fabric planes, I sewed white sails and will embroider symbols and quotes on them- subtly into the fabric. These sails make the planes/sides of the wings, neck, head, and such and contain messages/symbols of misinformation lies all in a peaceful facade.

The Trojan Crane will be wired internally with a sound and projection system with lights.  When night time falls, the “trojan” part of the crane will activate and the projection system will project images onto the inside of the fabric. (contradictory or enlightening the hidden violence of the exterior) Attached inside the hollow belly of the wooden crane will be the Trojan oil barrel.

It is on wheels and have the ability to be de-assembled for transport.

The project’s progress has been documented on The Trojan Blog.